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5 Must-see hiking spots in Quebec

Posted by Guillaume Bourque on
Haumana Energy Bars - 5 Must-see hiking spots in Quebec

You know spring is back when you can finally feel the warm sunbeam on your skin, smell the fresh lilac around you, and be lifted by the singing birds. So yeah, winter has left the stage, and it’s now time for sunny, warm, and long-lasting days to take the first role. 

If you’re like us, staying inside during this wonderful season is not really an option. We truly believe that it is time for us to reconnect with nature, feel all its benefits, and seek some amazing outdoor adventures with our loved ones.

Even if we are avid fans of outdoor activities, we sometimes have a hard time deciding which natural playground we’ll choose to fulfill our need for fresh air and beautiful landscapes. So, to plan our next adventures, we came up with a short list of great hiking spots you can find here in our home province (Quebec), and we wanted to share them with you. So, let’s pack our bags and seek some memorable adventures!


1. Mont Kaaikop, Sainte-Lucie-Des-Laurentides, Québec

Haumana Energy Bars + 5 Must-see hiking spots in Quebec


Located at 1h30 from Montreal, this trail offers a wonderful hiking experience to anyone who’s looking for a moderate course with a quite intense cardio workout. With a total hike time of more than three hours (for a round-trip), it offers an amazing landscape at the top, and it is also a great spot for bird spotting. Will the second highest mountain of the Laurentides be your next hike?

Altitude: 838 meters
Duration: 3h+
Difficulty: ⅗
Height difference: 500 meters

2. Mont Loup-Garou, Sainte Adèle, Québec

Haumana Energy Bars + 5 Must-see hiking spots in Quebec


Want to enjoy 788 acres of pure outdoor adventure? Well, Mont Loup-Garou might be a good pick! Whether you’re a mountain bike aficionado or simply an avid hiker, you’ll find your way on this amazing mountain.

Two magnificent trails are available to you. The first one, with a total of 2.75km (round way trip) offers a great option for anyone looking for an easy-going hike. But don’t be fooled, you’ll still be able to witness amazing landscape and feel a deep connection with nature!

The second trail, which is more aimed at the intermediate hikers, will keep you busy for a good 3h, with a round trip totaling more than 8km. The scenery is great at the top, especially if you take the extra 200-300m further from the resting area at the top. There are also plenty of rocky capes for you to relax on and admire the view. A great gateway for anyone who wants to escape the city without driving 4h from Montreal!

Altitude: 498m
Duration: between 1h30 and 3h (depending on trails)
Difficulty: Between 1 and 3/5 (depending on trails)
Height difference: 254m


3. Mont de la Pinède, Grande-Vallée, Québec

Haumana Energy Bars + 5 Must-see hiking spots in Quebec


Part of the regional park of La Forêt Ouareau, this 1h15 from Montreal hiking spot lets you discover several ecosystems, and give you access to two different lakes. With a total of three different hiking trails totaling more than 21 km, you have access to more than 8 hours of hiking (once you combined all three hiking trails). 

The La Pinède boucle, which is one of the most popular among the three, is a 12.5km intermediate hike that leads you to one of the best summits of Lanaudière. The trails are well indicated, and there are some nice climbs from the very beginning. There’s also plenty of amazing scenery to see while you’re climbing, which makes the hike even more interesting and memorable. Water lover, you won’t be disappointed, as you’ll encounter several small lakes and streams throughout your hike. A hike worth adding to your list!

Altitude: 460m
Duration: 4h
Difficulty : ⅗
Height difference: 553m


4. Montagne Verte, Laurentides, Québec

Haumana Energy Bars + 5 Must-see hiking spots in Quebec


Laurentides is one of the most popular hiking spots here in Quebec, and we can understand why when you hit the trails of La Montagne Verte and Au Nez de L’Indien. Cumulating more than 12 km of trails, the two summits might leave you speechless, even before you reach the top! Aimed at the intermediate hikers, the total hiking time is about 4.5h, and it is completely free of charge. Once you’ve arrived at the top, you’ll have a breath-taking view of the Mont and Lake Tremblant, which is one of the most popular mountains in Quebec. Definitely a hike worth doing if you’re the kind of Hikers that likes to stop throughout the journey to feel connected with nature while enjoying beautiful sceneries.

Altitude: 495m
Duration: 4.5h
Difficulty : ⅗
Drop : 622m


5. L’acropole des draveurs, Parc Nationale des Hautes-Gorges de la Malbaie, Québec

Haumana Energy Bars + 5 Must-see hiking spots in Quebec


This is the bucket list kind of hike. It is, without a doubt, one of the best hikes you can do in Quebec. But be prepared for a road trip, especially if you live in the Montreal area. Located in the beautiful region of Charlevoix, this hike is one of the top spots in all of Quebec. Thanks to its 11km of trails, you’ll get access to 3 different summits, which gives you a complete 360-degree view of the canyons, cliffs, and of course, the beautiful Malbaie River. The round-trip is about 4h, and will be a good cardio test. It is, however, one of the most visited hikes in Quebec, so you’ll have to respect the schedule established by the SEPAQ. This hike is definitely worth the 5 hours drive from Montreal.

Altitude: 1048m
Duration: 4h
Difficulty: ⅗
Height Difference: 885m


With the beautiful weather coming our way, and the long-lasting days ahead of us, we definitely have to make the most out of this wonderful season. So, let’s grab our bags, and the best energy bars in the game, and let's reconnect with one of the most important things: Nature.

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