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What Exactly Is "No Trace Hiking"?

Posted by Sidi Ba on
What exactly is No Trace Hiking? In this article, we take a quick look at the principles of No Trace Hiking and its many benefits.

7 Amazing Hiking Trails in Montreal That You Must Try

Posted by Helimane Ba on
Do you love hiking? Then click here to discover our 7 favorite hiking trails in Montréal!

The Numerous Health Benefits of Maca

Posted by Sidi Ba on
In this blog post, we take a look at the Maca root and its many benefits to explain why we chose it as our flavour of the month for September!

5 Must-see hiking spots in Quebec | Part II

Posted by Guillaume Bourque on

Have you had the chance to try all the hiking spots listed in our previous blog post? Did you test your cardio on your way up to La Montagne Verte in Tremblant, or were you...

5 Must-see hiking spots in Quebec

Posted by Guillaume Bourque on

You know spring is back when you can finally feel the warm sunbeam on your skin, smell the fresh lilac around you, and be lifted by the singing birds. So yeah, winter has left the...

3 Tips to Feel Great in your Body

Posted by Guillaume Bourque on

The least that we can say is that we felt your love with our last blog post about the importance of our well-being. We were delighted to have your tremendous feedback and we’re so happy...

4 Tips to Take Care of Yourself

Posted by Guillaume Bourque on

We know how difficult it can be (in today’s world) to take some time for our own wellbeing. Whether it’s the job, school, or family, there is often (if not always) some external source that...

4 Suprising Benefits of Nature on Our Health

Posted by Guillaume Bourque on

You might already have experienced this wonderful feeling of being alone in nature. Completely at peace with yourself, feeling little to no stress. You’re just here, enjoying every little sound, every little smell, every little...