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7 Amazing Hiking Trails in Montreal That You Must Try

Posted by Helimane Ba on
7 Amazing Hiking Trails in Montreal That You Must Try

Hiking is one of our favorite hobbies. Our team often seeks out new trails and we try to showcase as much hiking as we can on our Instagram. It goes without saying, but Canada is full of great spots for hiking and you don’t always have to travel far to find them! If you live in or near Montréal and you love hiking, take a look at the following list we’ve created of our 7 favorite hiking spots in and around Montréal.


1. Canal Lachine

wkndinthecity insta canal lachine


Distance: 13.5 KM
Difficulty: Easy



    Canal Lachine provides a great view of the Montreal skyline and gives you a glimpse at some of the remnants of the industrial era in Montreal. Its long trail provides plenty of opportunities to sit down and enjoy the view of this great urban park. Walking, running or picnicking, you can do it all!

    2. Mont Royal

    mariem_jemmali insta mont royal park


      Distance: 7.1 KM

      Difficulty: Easy



      Mont Royal park takes you to the highest elevation point in Montréal, allowing you to gaze at the rest of the beautiful city. The well-maintained park allows you to comfortably hike through one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city!


      3. Parc Jean-Drapeau

      Parc Jean Drapeau


        Distance: 25+ KM

        Difficulty: Easy



        There are an absolute ton of things to do on Saint Helen’s island. One of which, is to visit the Jean Drapeau park and its great trails for hiking all year round. With the great view of the Saint-Lawrence river and the beautiful natural trail, you can't go wrong!

        4. Parc Maisonneuve

        @dudupvero insta parc maisonneuve


          Distance: 4.1 KM

          Difficulty: Easy


          Situated near one of the most recognizable landmarks in Montreal, the Parc Maisonneuve is a great way to escape the urban life. The multiple trails will take you through a natural journey that will remind you that there is nothing more beautiful than a bunch of trees.

          5. Parc-nature de l'Île-de-la-Visitation

          Parc nature de l'ile de la visitation

            Distance: 8.5 KM

            Difficulty: Easy


            This park offers a great mix of history and nature. The trails take you through  historic sites such as the Maison du Pressoir, and they also give you an opportunity to see hundreds of different species of birds!

            6. Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park


            @lexpatriation_de_benjamin insta parc saint bruno


            Distance: 27 KM

            Difficulty: Easy


            This park is technically outside of Montreal BUT it’s only 30 minutes away so we think it’s still worth including. This network of trails is surrounded by 5 lakes and an abundance of wildlife. Great for hiking in the summer or the winter!

            7. Parc LaFontaine


            @sofecteau insta parc lafontaine


            Difficulty: Easy


            Who doesn’t like fountains? The Parc LaFontaine provides great trails for walking or jogging with a beautiful view of the famous fountain. The park also features multiple cultural expositions from time to time as well as a number of activities/events. There's always something going on in Parc LaFontaine!



            And that's our list! Perhaps you’ve already visited some of these, if so, what was your favorite? Also don't forget to pack one of our bars next time you go out hiking to these spots! :D

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