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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit & Powder

Posted by Sidi B. on
7 Surprising Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit & Powder

It's not called the Tree of Life for nothing. The Baobab is a fascinating tree that is teeming with health benefits. In a previous article, we've discussed the undeniable richness in vitamin C, antioxidants and natural fiber of the Baobab fruit. But that was just the start. Besides these amazing health benefits, Baobab fruit and powder also hold these 7 surprising health benefits:

1 - May promote weight loss

Yes really! Before contacting us to tell us that we have gone too far to find the health benefits of Baobab, let's emphasize the following point: Baobab is made from 50% natural fibers. Natural fibers are not only of great importance for the health of our digestive system, but they have also been shown to be essential for making you feel full. Indeed, this ability to provide this feeling of satiety makes Baobab fruit an excellent ally for weight loss, especially by helping to reduce the consumption of food during meals.

Haumana Organic Baobab Powder

2 - Helps to balance the blood sugar level

Once again, the amazing fiber!

Fiber has the great characteristic of slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream. You are probably wondering, “So? Why is this important? Well, this helps prevent energy spikes. This is another reason Haumana Bars are so satisfying, the Baobab fruit that they contain keeps you from energy spikes (and energy dips) throughout the day (or before a good workout).

Let's take it one step further, as Aduna mentions, a study published by Oxford Brookes University demonstrated the validity of the above-mentioned argument, also claiming that Baobab fruit and powder may be ideal for those following a low glycemic index diet. So it could also be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes.

3 - Promotes healthy skin

You may have heard that Baobab is often used in cosmetics? Well, here's why:

Packed with antioxidants - in fact, according to The Journal of Nutrition, the Baobab fruit has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit [!!!] - the Baobab fruit and its powder are great allies for building collagen. It is a key and essential component in helping you display healthy, glowing skin.

4 - Lowers blood pressure

Let's introduce another key mineral found in Baobab powder: potassium.

As Organic Facts mentions, potassium is another important constituent of Baobab, known for its benefits for heart health. This incredible mineral is adept at freeing the cardiovascular system by dilating blood vessels and arteries, increasing blood flow and preventing the heart from working too hard.

Isn't it amazing that a single fruit can do all of this !?

Haumana Organic Baobab Powder

5 - Optimizes digestion

This fact has been well known in Africa (mainly West and Southern Africa) for centuries and is now also confirmed by recent scientific studies. As this study mentions, both types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, are found in Baobab. These two types of dietary fiber contribute to a healthy and flourishing digestive system. Specifically, this fiber is known to optimize the digestion process and reduce inflammation in the gut.

So yes, Baobab can even help you digest better!

6 - increases bone strength

Who needs milk when you have Baobab?

Very rich in calcium and magnesium, the Baobab fruit is composed of minerals essential for bone health. As Organic Facts mentions, adding a little Baobab fruit to your diet is never a bad idea in order to keep your bones strong and durable for years to come.

7— Facilitates the absorption of iron

Last but not least: Baobab fruit and powder can play a crucial role in your absorption of a very important mineral: iron.

As Aduna wisely reminds us, the Baobab fruit is a rich natural source of vitamin C; where it is easily accessible to the body and is better absorbed than from artificial supplements. That said, a (perhaps) surprising fact is that vitamin C is needed to help the body absorb iron. So, combining vitamin C from Baobab with an iron-dense food like pumpkin seed (hint: you'll find this great combo in all of our bars) is a great idea to make sure you assimilate the iron in your food.

And there you go!!

The 7 surprising health benefits of Baobab fruit that we wanted to share with you. If you want to easily integrate this incredible fruit into your eating habits, discover our natural, vegan and gluten-free bars. or our organic & ethically sourced Baobab powder

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