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  1. Can I unsubscribe or postpone my subscription?

Absolutely! However, you must cancel or postpone your membership before your monthly order is processed in our system. Once the charge has been applied to your card, we won’t be able to refund, cancel, or apply any changes to your order. Please refer to our refund and membership policy for more informations. 

  1. Can I customize my subscription??

Of course! To do so, make sure to activate your account after processing your order on our website. Once completed, simply login to your account. This way, you’ll be able to manage your subscription at your will!

  1. When will my card be charged?

A first pick-up is made when you processed your order on our website. Thereafter, the levy is automatically made the following months (on the same date as your registration). For an inscription made on May 1, 2019, the first levy will be made on that date and the others will be made on June 1st, July 1st, etc.

  1. How long before I receive my bars?

Usually, our delivery times are on average 3 - 5 working days following the production of the order. The time varies depending on where you live and Canada Post's service times (unfortunately, we can't go faster than them). Please also note that the current COVID-19 situation might affect the delivery times. 

  1. Is it normal that the 3 free bars code does not change the price at checkout?

Absolutely. The code will notify us that you’re eligible for the three free bars in your first box, but won’t change the price of the order at checkout. 

     6. What happened if I entered the wrong shipping address? 

Please contact us as soon as possible. We might be able to fix the issue before your order is out for delivery.  

If you order was unfortunately shipped out before we're aware of the mistake, please let us know the valid shipping address. We'll send you back the order to your expenses. 

 About our bars.

    1. Where can I find your bars?

    One place only: our website! We sincerely believe that we must go further than offering eco-friendly packaging; We must reduce waste at the source. What better way to reduce this waste than producing only the necessary quantities?

        2. What if I want to stop receiving the monthly discovery flavours?

      No problem! You can replace the monthly discovery bars with the Classic or Chocolate bars. However, you must contact us at least 3 days before your order is processed in our system. Otherwise, your order will be produced as is.

          3. What is the shelf life of your bars?

      Since we do not use any preservatives and our bar is actually 100% natural, the shelf life is three weeks on the counter and 1 month and a half in the fridge. But we know you will eat them well before then!

          4. Do you use organic ingredients?

      Of course! Almost all of our ingredients are certified organic. Rest assured that we do our best to find the best ingredients, for you, our community and our planet.

          5. Where can I find the nutritional values of your bars?

      You can find the nutritional facts table of each bar directly on our product pages.

          6. Do you use eco-friendly packaging?

      There is no doubt that traditional packaging has a direct impact on our ecosystems. This is why we don't use traditional packaging for our bars. Our bags are not only biodegradable but fully compostable. However, we use these bags so that you can also reuse them. So feel free to use it as much as possible. If you must however dispose of your bags, simply drop the bag into your compost bin. 

          7. Can I freeze my bars?

      Absolutely! They will retain their freshness much longer!

          8. Do your bars contain allergens (soy, gluten, peanuts, dairy products)

      We do not use any ingredient containing these allergens in our bars. 

      However, since we introduce new ingredients every month in our monthly flavour, we cannot guarantee at 100% that our bars or our equipment have not been in contact with these allergens.