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Our Story.

Where it all started.

The idea for Haumana came after a beautiful trip in Senegal. Needless to say that at that time, Sidi and Guillaume had no idea that a single encounter with one of the locals would lay the foundation of what Haumana is today. That’s right. A 5-minute conversation with Binta. That’s all it took for us to discover the wonderful Baobab fruit and the positive social impact it has on several communities in Senegal, specifically on increasing women’s financial independence.

Haumana Bars Our story

Our Why.

While the Baobab was a huge part of our thought process, we also realized (as big energy bars consumers ourselves) how negative our impact was on our planet and our community, with little to no benefits to our health. Useless individual packaging; processed ingredients and suspicious additives. We couldn’t believe that with all the energy bars companies out there, none of them were offering a solution that truly took into consideration the wellness of our planet, our communities AND our health. So, we had to (at least try) to do something about it. And yes, that's right. The Baobab was a key element in our solution.

Haumana Bars Out Story

Our impact.

We created Haumana with one simple goal in mind: Create the best energy bars for our planet, our communities and our health. And just last year, this goal allowed us to save more than 250 000 individual wrapers from landfills, as well as supporting directly more than 20+ women and their families in Senegal. We know this impact isn’t going to change the whole world tomorrow and that there is still plenty of work that needs to be done. But we like to think that, just like our energy bars, these concrete actions will fuel other individuals who, just like us, will…LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND.

Haumana Bars Our Story