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An incredible Superfood.

Good for your health. Good for the planet. And good for the local communities.

Good for your immune system

Packed with antioxydants. Helping your immune system stay strong & resilient.

Good ally for weight loss

Packed with natural fiber it helps you feel full longer & can help avoid those cravings.

Good for your digestive health

Rich in natural fiber & probiotics helping your body digest optimally throughout your day.

7 surprising facts about the Baobab fruit.

Here are some of the other benefits of the Baobab fruit for your health:

1 — can promote weight loss

2 — helps balance blood sugar levels

3 — promotes healthy skin

4 — lowers blood pressure

5 — optimizes digestion

6 — Increases bone strength

7 — facilitates absorption of iron

A Fair-Trade & Eco-concious Partnership.

We work with a local partner based in Casamance, Senegal. This cooperative has been working for more than 10 years with a group of women from different rural communities in Senegal. We chose this partner because its actions prioritize the respect of the communities where the Baobab fruits are harvested, as well as the preservation of the trees and the environment.

The fruits naturally dry and fall from the trees and are then collected and processed on the spot by the artisans. A fruit that was so abundant in the region and that often went uncollected, is now a ressource that allows the women of the cooperative to gain financial independence, often helping them keep their children in school longer.

Oh.. and it's just incredible in smoothies.

Trust us, it's doesn't only taste great in our bars.

Acting as a natural sugar, it adds a taste similar to fig or apricot in your favourite smoothie or recipes by eliminating the need to add sugar or other sweetners.

That way you can enjoy a smoothie that makes your body & mind simply feel a whole lot better.